Build & Install Services

Once we've completed your design then we can install everything you'll need - we're made up of contractors, builders, craftspeople and all-around good folk. FYI, we love homemade cookies. 


ponds and rain gardens

An ecological pond or rain garden can bring beauty, abundance and pollinator habitat to any home or farm. We can help design and install water catchment systems - even natural swimming pools:). 


Rain Catchment

Whether you're wanting to catch water for small spaces or larger volumes, it can be a cost-effective strategy to have your own rain water on site - especially here in Portland!

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Stone and Pavers

Repurposed rock or stone brings a natural feel to your home - this can be in the form of slate pavers, stone walls or permeable driveways. Flagstone, limestone, or even urbanite - we're able to incorpotrate into your property. 


Fruit / Nut Tree Plantings

Whether its a small urban orchard or a multi-acre agroforestry installation, we can guide you through the steps for us to install them or help to empower you on your own!


Garden Beds