Keeping the Seeds Alive

The following is a small page for those of you who have indebted yourselves to the big agreement with corn. 

If you're interested in this project, kindly email julian@witchhazeldesigns.com

Corn has had a unique life.

She has been the crowned-jewel of civilizations for thousands of years while most recently made to become a bastardized poster child for over-planted and under-loved industrial agriculture.

Some say she is the very first ecstatic creation of humans interacting with the wild. The first love affair. 

Her foods and cuisines have spanned years upon years of interpretation and through this deep fabric has risen stories, lore, fables, lies, articles, dissertations, books, manuscripts, life's-work, exposes, websites, and even the stories that cannot be heard or seen.

If you have been given seeds by me and you're interested in continuing the age-old tradition of keping the seeds alive by celebrating the joy and grief of growing corn, kindly read below.

Step 1: Print this Agreement out, sign it, scan it, and email back to me: julian@witchhazeldesigns.com (remember to keep a copy for yourself as instructions are embedded).

Step 2: Honor the Agreement and let me know if you have any questions

Step 3: Keep in touch! This is partially a masked-ploy to grow a corn-growing friend base;)