Here's just a small sampling of the land designs we've helped foster over the years.

Julian Dominic is a dear and talented permaculture leader, teacher, and designer. His vision is strong and he is a great collaborator.
— Mark L., Planet Repair Institute, Sellwood OR
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Overlook Permaculture // PDX, Oregon

Nestled among the urban streets of Portland, the homeowner desired a sanctuary of fruit, shade, animals and privacy. Ducklings waddle around the hearth pond while a modest waterfall brings a sweet sound embraced by fruit, nuts and flowers - every inch of rain is harvested off of each structure while guests arrive into an abundant garden and are led inside a cob yurt for peace and solace. Every inch of land is cultivated and loved. 


Walkabout farm // Helvetia, Oregon

This 14-acre property for a young family was designed for long-term food, fiber and timber. Through an integrated food forest, multi-use water storage, geo-thermal heating/cooling and year-round food production, we were able to adaptively design under-utilized hay fields into a fully-functional, high-yielding turnkey farm. 


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Co-housing design // clackmas, oregon

A group of families purchased land together and sought a peaceful and formative life for their children with developmental disabilities. Through a collaboration with our friends and partner architecture firm, Communitecure, we developed a master plan to foster physical well-bring, beauty, a community farm, and environmental stewardship.


the green loop // portland, oregon

A design competition for a green way to promote biking, rolling, jogging and public transit trips helping contribute to a smaller city-wide carbon footprint. In collaboration with The City Repair Project, Communitecture and Brian Borello. 

Urban Permaculture // Portland, oregon

Food and beauty was the focus of this design embedded in the ethos of the urban environment: Alternative energy, native plants, sanctuary area for birds and public space to host loved-ones and performances.

Food Forest // Hillsboro, oregon

In collaboration with a vibrant Hillsboro church, this design was crafted to produce food, shade and gathering space for its' members. Otherwise known as a "fedge" or fruiting hedge, these elements help to absorb sound, divide property lines and create a living breathing food and forest habitat.