A permaculture design is your map detailing a holistic relationship to your land: Growing food, land use, and connection to community.

We offer three different services:


We provide unique services for folks who are passionate about sustainable landscapes - native pollinator habitats, rain gardens, and small-scale food production. 



2. Land

Our services for landowners, wineries, and trusts range from Basic Design, Concept Design, and Master Plan (recommended) - from storm water harvesting, natural building, future-planning and beyond.

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3. Community / school

Whether it's a school garden, non-profit org., or neighbor-led initiative, we can help guide your vision and design; growing food and bringing people together is what we do best!

Every project is a unique and custom-drawn map for your property or land



Option 1: Basic Map

This option provides you with more detailed information to get you started in identifying the potential in your property.

FEE: $850-1250. For large properties and new builds this price will need to be increased, please contact us for more information.

Option 2: Master Map

The Master Map provides a solid starting point with clear basic ideas to nudge you in the right direction or tackle the details yourself.

FEE: $1680-2100. For large properties and new builds this price will need to be increased slightly, please contact us for more information.


Option 1: Master Map

 We recommend the Full Site Design to people looking to create a productive landscape from scratch or are adapting an existing property and require a tailored design and manual to guide them through this process. The work in this design option sets clients up for a successful and smooth process of creating drawings and documents for city approvals, obtaining landscaping quotes - everything you need to implement the design yourself . 

*This will be a collaboration with our dear friends from the architecture firm, Communitecture 

FEE: $2370 for properties under 1 acre  /  $3140 for 1 acre and over

Option 2: Basic Map

 This design option is recommended for people who need a basic and clear design of what’s possible for their site - as well as a thorough list of resources and networks they can access to help bring their design to life.

FEE: $1175 for properties under 1 acre  /  $1320 for 1 acre and over

Option 3: Concept Map

 The Concept Design is recommended to people who are looking a deeper insight into their property and require a strong template for how to transform their home into a permaculture landscape.

FEE: $570 for properties under 1 acre and $740 for properties over 1 acre.

Education and Community

Establishing a school or community garden is a multi-layered process encompassing both people and landscapes. We bring extensive hands-on experience in designing, implementing and managing productive school and community gardens. 

*This will be a collaboration with our dear friends at the non-profit, The City Repair Project


FEE: For an accurate quote please contact us so we can gauge the scope and scale of your project and tailor it to your situation.