Upcoming Permaculture Courses and Workshops


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City repair Present’s PDX’s ‘19-’20 Urban Permaculture Design course!

The ultimate permaculture course right here in Portland!

With an urban lens, from October to May (one weekend/mnth), we’ll be immersed in the elegant beauty of sustainability, growing our own food and human connection.

The UPDC includes the required 72 hours of content - participants earn the internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certificate. 

Questions: updc@cityrepair.org

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Our Budding Forests - a permaculture teaser

Sun June 23rd, 1-3pm @ NE Community Center

Our forests around us are filled with food - food that's been tended by cultures for many years.

You'll leave this class with a basic understanding of how to to apply permaculture principles in your home, garden, apartment or farm.

Effective ways of growing healthy, organic food in urban environments!


Foundations of Permaculture

Sat, June 29th 10-2pm, Tabor Space

Hosted at the iconic Tabor Space in SE Portland, we'll immerse ourselves in a proactive day of applying permaculture to everything from your urban home, to a rural farm, and from food production to energy systems and community development - all with a distinct Portland flavor.

How can we apply these principles to our gardens, homes and farms?

Come join us to find out…

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