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I appreciate his enthusiasm about design, construction, horticulture, and the opportunities for growth and enjoyment in the landscape. As a homeowner, I appreciate his reliability, responsiveness, and willingness to dive right in and get the tough jobs done. Julian is a pleasure to work with!
— Melissa M., Land Line Design, Portland OR
The final product of the work with Witch Hazel exceeded my wildest expectations...
— Sarah. P., Portland OR
Working with Julian was a wonderful treat. He’s an intelligent, intuitive, and joyous designer who carefully incorporated our wants and needs into his design.
— Kat v.H., Helvetia OR
Julian and Ridhi engaged our students in a comprehensive and thoughtful introduction to permaculture...They offered refreshingly authentic perspectives backed by personal experience in their work... I would recommend their workshops to others looking to connect with permaculture whether you are just starting out or looking to deepen your experience.
— Duncan R., Office of Sustainability, Linfield College, McMinnville OR
The knowledge, passion, and sincerity that Julian Dominic brings to a design project engages everyone at the table. He is attentive to all of the dreams and concerns of the people he works with and weaves together designs that are responsive to the people, the place, and the regenerative potential of the project.
— Robin K., Communitecture, Portland OR
Julian Dominic has the attributes any good designer should possess: attention to both pattern and detail, consideration of the relationship of people to their landscape, and intentionality of his own relationship to the process. Moreover, the spirit he brings to the work makes it a joy.
— Dave P., EcoFaith Recovery, Portland OR
We are so happy to have had Julian help us establish our native garden...Julian is kind, passionate, attentive, sensitive, cooperative, knowledgeable and resourceful to your needs on the project.
— Weina D., Portland OR
Julian Dominic is a dear and talented permaculture leader, teacher, and designer. His vision is strong and he is a great collaborator.
— Mark L., Planet Repair Institute, Sellwood OR