In permaculture, everything happens symbiotically.

Whether designing a well-tended urban garden or a highly productive rural farm, permaculture is a where we’re empowered to grow our own food, or raise our own animals, or even create our own certified pollinator habitat.

Whichever (or maybe all), the design theory behind permaculture, is working with, rather than against, nature.

-we design Resilient landscapes for urban homes and rural farms-

We bring careful design theory to the hand, heart and land harmoniously; permaculture revolves around sustainability, farming, careful land management, basic human needs and food…lots of food! Above all, permaculture is way of life that is deeply rooted in three essential ethics:

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Below are images I’ve taken over the years that represent these principles and how permaculture is woven into our daily lives - enjoy:)