Designing Within: Robert Burle Marx

Robert Burle Marx (August 4, 1909 – June 4, 1994), was an eccentric Brazilian landscape architect, painter, industrial designer, and all-around naturalist. A natural-born plant enthusiast/breeder, Burle Marx made his mark* by designing from within the natural setting. From major highway arteries to private residences and from restoration initiatives to sprawling pubic parks he's brought a sense of whimsy and inspiration to my life and certainly, to my work.

In some Permaculture Design Courses (PDC's), little thought is focused on the designing-element. However, at our Urban PDC's, we truly emphasize creativity and thinking from within the property rather than from a two-dimensional piece of paper. Burle-Marx had a way of brining his projects to life, something permaculture strives to do both with the human element and with the land.